Retrofitting Energy-Efficient Systems

Your building's age doesn't have to impact your building's performance. If you need help updating your building's HVAC systems and energy efficiency, we can retrofit your building with the latest process enhancements that will cut waste, as well as upgrading your building controls.

When we do an energy-efficiency retrofit on your building, we upgrade its energy-consuming systems. Retrofitting may involve improving or replacing lighting fixtures, HVAC and ventilation systems, windows and doors, or adding insulation where it makes economic sense. It also means including a new integrated and efficient Building Automation System with Real-Time Analytics and Fault Detection as an interface to improve comfort, security, energy savings and operation efficiency in the building.

A custom retrofit gives you the chance to audit your building's energy performance. The retrofits you undertake can reduce your building's operational costs particularly if it is older as well as help attract tenants and gain a market edge.

Our retrofitting solutions include:

Audit Building Performance

We will analyze your current HVAC systems to identify inefficient machinery and find high-quality, affordable energy solutions that will consume less energy for increased performance.

Rather than just replacing old gear with newer alternatives, wherever possible, we'll identify process enhancements that will reduce inefficiencies and ensure your building uses energy smarter, not harder.

Upgrading Building Controls

During a retrofit, we can upgrade your building with a wide range of advanced building controls, such as smart thermostats that offer enhanced capabilities, energy consumption, and user experience. We understand that your building needs to remain operational during the installation, and we'll take every measure to complete the process quickly, efficiently, and with a minimum of disruption.

Applying New Technologies

The retrofitting process offers many opportunities to further enhance your facility with smart building systems tailored to your property's needs. These can include new sensors that monitor and regulate energy usage, enhanced controls, and a building automation system for easy management of the various smart systems.

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