Smart Hospital Solutions

When it comes to a smart hospital, building automation isn't only about energy efficiency or tenant comfort: it's potentially a matter of life and death.

However, by integrating the many disparate systems found in a hospital or clinic, traditional inefficiencies can be eliminated leading to faster communication, faster service, enhanced climate control and, ultimately, better care for patients.

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Build Integrated Systems

Integrated systems in your smart hospital will make data sharing easier than ever by rendering digital records available on every platform doctors and nurses have access to. Additionally, unifying communications will allow for streamlined workflows, which increases efficiency and decrease wait times.

We can build a digital infrastructure that connects these networks, as well as an intuitive management system that allows personnel to easily make modifications to the integrated systems.

Embrace Mobile Platforms

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are fast-paced and staff can't always refer back to centralized work stations. There are times when they need information immediately, without searching for a file or logging into a database.

We design and program mobile solutions that will allow staff to quickly access important information instantly on mobile or handheld devices.

Enhance Climate Control with Smart Thermostats

More than just a matter of comfort, automated climate control in a smart hospital allows each room to be tailored specifically to individual patient needs, whether that's for increased heat or less air moisture, through smart thermostats.

Additionally, climate controlled labs can preserve the results of delicate research by eliminating impurities in the air and ensuring the inner environment is perfectly attuned to whatever subjects are under the microscope.

We can design, program, and install highly intuitive smart thermostats that give personnel unparalleled control over room environments and climate controlled labs, augmenting the automated climate control.

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