Mission Critical Solutions

Keeping your mission critical facilities operating at maximum efficiency is our highest priority. With our experience in redundant design, we can take every step to keep your servers at their optimal temperatures so that you don't have to worry about costly downtime.

With our mission critical solutions, you can...

Achieve Optimal Climate Control

The most critical objective of a mission critical facility is maintaining the appropriate temperature and dealing with deviations swiftly. With real time analytics and fault detection, you can achieve exceptional climate control thanks to sensors that aggregate massive amounts of data.

Our real-time analytics software is designed and programmed to make sure your facility is climate controlled at all times, with a minimal carbon footprint to boot.

Enhance Security

Beyond climate control, building automation also offers new opportunities to improve your building's security. Not only do we make smart thermostats that allow employees to make easy adjustments to the facility's complex systems, but we also design and program advanced security protocols such as integrated security cameras and biometric security devices.

Our building automation tools can be leveraged to maximize security and give you the peace of mind in knowing that your mission critical services are kept under close watch.

Integrate Systems

With a smart building, it's important to understand that your mission critical facility's climate control, smart HVAC, and security systems are not separate entities, but a part of the same network: that's the heart of the Internet of Things.

That's why system integration with the appropriate building automation system is key to making sure all these pieces work in unison. We'll construct the network infrastructure that keeps all systems working in tandem, while also programming intuitive software that will allow your employees to manage them from their work stations, smart thermostats, or even mobile devices.

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