Smart Building Solutions

Our smart building and smart HVAC services can be applied to a wide variety of industries and specialized facilities. From mission critical data centres to automated smart greenhouses, here are just some ways we can provide solutions to your property's challenges.

Commercial Building Maintenance

Our commercial building maintenance solutions are geared towards maximizing environmental comfort, increasing worker satisfaction, efficiency and ultimately tenant retention.

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Agritech and Smart Greenhouse Solutions

With automated climate control and remote operation, you can manage either one smart greenhouse or several from a centralized location, or even across a number of mobile devices.

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Retrofitting Facilities

If your current HVAC systems are inefficient, you can turn to our energy solutions service to retrofit
them with processes and machinery that are both more energy efficient and better for the environment. Our energy solutions can also convert your current HVAC system into a smart HVAC system.

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Smart Hospital Solutions

Thanks to the internet of things, hospitals can be more integrated than ever. This allows faster access to patient records through mobile devices and centralized networks, as well as greater climate control to provide patient comfort and health.

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Mission Critical Solutions

Strong climate control is necessary to keep your mission critical data centre operating at max efficiency, and there's no better way to attain it than through smart building automation. We can also enhance your facility's security with a wide array of scanners and interface devices.

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