Building Automation Controls

While a smart building's key processes are automated, your tenants need a way to adjust controls manually with simple and intuitive controls. We offer a wide variety of smart building controls ranging from smart thermostats to mobile device integration to ensure each tenant is comfortable.

We offer installation and programming of smart thermostats, heating and cooling controls, as well as access controls for added security, all integrated into your building automation system.

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat today does a lot more than change temperatures. They are intuitive, network- connected, voice-activated, and contain a variety of remote sensors. We'll find or design the right smart thermostats for your climate control needs and install them at key locations across your facility, as well as connect them to your building automation system.

Mobile App Smart Thermostats

If a physical smart thermostat isn't the right climate control solution for your tenants, we can develop a mobile app that will allow them to directly control the building's temperature settings from their mobile phone or handheld device.

Access Controls

Keep unauthorized personnel out with our sets of smart access controls. From traditional key card or FOB controls to sophisticated biometric scanners, we'll program and install the necessary layers of security your facility requires.

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