Smart Building Technology Designed for You

Thanks to the Internet of Things, your devices and appliances are connected in ways that were previously unimaginable. Cameras, lights, HVAC systems and more can all be controlled and coordinated through one network.

Smart building technology integrates all these disparate aspects into one complete network that can
optimize energy efficiency, security, convenience and comfort.

At ACE Solutions Group, we offer smart building solutions customized for the needs of your property or business. Whether you want to ensure optimal heating and lighting for your greenhouse or install a new building automation system for your mission critical data centre, we have the smart building technology that will allow you to meet and even exceed your goals.

Our Smart Building Solutions Can...

  • Minimize maintenance fees through building automation.
  • Automatically adjust temperature and air quality according to minute-by-minute variations in the environment and room occupancy.
  • Make your facility environmentally-friendly by reducing waste and increasing energy efficiency.
  • Increase tenant retention through quality-of-life features.
  • Integrate security systems and send alerts via text message and email in addition to traditional alarms.

Smart building technology is not something coming down the line. It's right here, right now and smart building solutions are helping more and more buildings maximize operations every day. Our smart building solutions can do the same for yours.

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