Commercial Building Maintenance

Tenant comfort is the key to tenant retention, and as such, it's important to take advantage of the latest smart commercial building maintenance tech in order to maximize both.

Our smart building services can make commercial building maintenance easier than ever by...

Making Automatic Changes to Temperature and Air Quality

With real time analytics, your tenants will no longer have to turn the thermostat inch-by-inch to achieve the perfect office temperature.

By compiling data from dozens of sensors around the building and analyzing it, our real time analytics software can make second-by-second changes to the environment, creating a perfect, comfortable atmosphere.

Simplifying Building Controls

However, when tenants do need to make manual changes to the HVAC systems, we can design and program intuitive smart thermostats that will make adjusting the office environment easier than ever.

But if physical smart thermostats aren't a good fit for your property, we can also design mobile apps that allow for decentralized control.

Increasing Energy Efficiency

Building automation also greatly reduces your energy costs by minimizing waste and eliminating inefficiencies. For instance, if a worker forgets to turn off the lights before they leave, sensors can ensure all lighting is turned off when a room empties.

Likewise, automatic adjustments to HVAC controls through building automation ensure no heating or AC is wasted by adjusting levels based on room occupancy. Not only is this great for your energy bill, but great for the environment.

Automate Your Commercial Building Maintenance for These Benefits and Many More. Call Today.