Hassle-Free System Integration

Your smart building is a complex ecosystem made up of a wide variety of disparate applications that work together to keep the whole operation running smoothly. System integration is your way of making sure each of these different solutions are communicating effectively by installing the right building automation system.

A building automation system is your building's brain, and it lets you manage its various systems simply using an app or a webpage, similar to a content management system for websites.

There are many different types of building automation systems, but these are the ones we generally
recommend our clients use:

High Performance Building Controls

Unfortunately, system integrators have earned a poor reputation in the industry by charging unreasonable consultation and assessment fees, taking advantage of the lack system integration knowledge in the general public.

We are not only system integrator experts, but educators that have offered building automation
systems training
to both post-secondary students and our own clients. It is our pleasure to explain all aspects of system integration to you, in addition to recommending different types of building automation systems so you understand what you're paying for.

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