Agritech and Smart Greenhouse Solutions

Agriculture is no longer at the mercy of the weather. Agritech takes things further with a fully automated, climate controlled environment optimized for specific plant life.

Likewise, smart greenhouse solutions can give supervisors and workers unparalleled control over conditions with remote monitoring and operation, even through mobile devices.

With our agritech and smart greenhouse solutions, you can...

Install a Climate Controlled Sensor Array

Capable of making moment-by-moment adjustments to humidity, lighting, soil moisture and temperature, smart greenhouses can create the perfect ecosystem for any plant or crop.

By installing a wide-ranging sensor array, we can ensure every nook and cranny of your smart greenhouse is being monitored with data, contributing to the real time analytics that will modulate the climate controlled space.

Enable Remote Operation and Monitoring

Another key benefit of a smart greenhouse is the ability to monitor and control its operation from a centralized command centre.

We can connect you with the greenhouse monitoring software that makes sense for your operation, whether it's a single smart greenhouse or a full agritech combine. No matter the number of smart greenhouses you have, they can all be controlled through a single network using the right automation system.

Give Staff Flexibility

Likewise, you can also ensure your on-the-ground operators are connected with your smart greenhouse automation system through mobile devices on the same network.

Different devices have different pros and cons, but we'll determine what kind of automation controls work best for your facility and your staff.

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